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Bosnia & Herzegovina

This book will open the door to the soul of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It will help you to dive into the most beautiful cities, their bazaars and you will feel the breath of the past. Every city has its own story, you only have to sit back, listen, experience them and return again. Welcome to my country…

Exciting 128 pages of history, culture and heritage depicted with thrilling photographs. Written in Bosnian and English this book will be your perfect companion into the world of one of the most beautiful country of Europe. Immerse yourself in the place where east meets west.

Bosnia and Herzegovina is the place where east meets west. One of the rare countries where you can hear church bells, alongside the voice of an imam.

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Book host sets the of truly memorable places.

Here’s what we’re taking home with us. One impressive book and perfect present.

A enthralling world of heredity, nature and culture of this beautiful country.

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Selected Bookstores

FREE SHOP – International Airport Sarajevo
HOLIDAY GIFT SHOP – Hotel Holiday Inn
BUYBOOK, Sarajevo
Connectum, Sarajevo
TKD Šahinpašić, Sarajevo
Izvor Bosne, souvenir shop Tunel, Ilidza
Bookstore Kultura, Banja Luka
Bookstore Kultura, TC Alta Sarajevo,
Bookstore Kultura, TC Merkator Sarajevo

Bosnia and Herzegovina’s numerous cultural and historical attributes, along with its natural resources, make it one of the most attractive countries of Europe.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I order/buy book online?

Yes. You can buy book from online bookstores, or you can make order directly from us and get discounts. Just contact us, leave your e-mail, and we will get back to you soon…

How many pages does book have?

Book contains 128 full color print pages with stunning pictures and descriptions. In our book we presents you total of 35 amazing regions, towns, and famous landmarks of Bosnia & Herzegovina.

Do you allow ordering of larger quantities of books?

Yes. For clients that want to order larger quantity of books, we have made special discounts. Just contact us and we will get back to you with all relevant informations.